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Sophie McDarra, an exceptional 18-year-old artist, showcases her remarkable talent in the world of fine art. Specializing in still life, Sophie demonstrates an innate ability to capture the beauty of fruits and flowers through her captivating oil paintings.


Sophie's journey as an artist began before she could walk, where she consistently displayed an affinity for creativity. With an unwavering passion for art, she spent countless hours honing her skills, refining her technique, and exploring the vast possibilities that painting offers through her own means. Now, she is following her passion and studying Fine Art at RMIT in Melbourne, where she is refining her skill and constantly exploring new avenues for her evolving work.


Driven by her love for both art and the natural world, Sophie's choice to focus on still-life art was a perfect fusion of her two passions. Each stroke of her brush breathes life into her subjects, allowing viewers to experience the magic and serenity found within everyday objects.

As a young artist, Sophie is already making waves in the art world. Her work has been showcased in The Toowoomba Gallery and Aspire Gallery in Brisbane and has garnered praise from both artists and art enthusiasts. Her dedication to her craft and continuous pursuit of excellence undeniably has set her on a path toward a promising artistic career.


With her unique perspective and undeniable talent, Sophie McDarra is undoubtedly an artist to watch. As she continues to explore her passion and push the boundaries of her artistry, Sophie's future promises to be filled with endless opportunities and accolades.



Sophie is always looking for new and exciting opportunities and commissions

Connect with her:

0407 762 259

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